Taking a step back to analyze the needs of the position is an opportunity for a refreshed, clear view of how the open position can support your department or unit. Understanding how to approach this process can help you increase your chances of finding someone who can contribute to your department and will result in increased effectiveness for you, your hire, and your department or unit.

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The Quick Guide to Analyzing the Needs of the Position outlines the best practices that are proven to be part of an effective selection and hiring process.

  • Connect to broader priorities
  • Consider and adjust responsibilities of the position
  • Determine skills, knowledge, and abilities needed
  • Prioritize skills, knowledge, and abilities.

View the printable guide below for more details on each step.

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Apply What You've Learned

How a position is analyzed is the first step in an effective selection and hiring process.

Do you currently or will you soon have an open position in your department or unit?

Download the Analyzing the Position (MS Word) worksheet to walk through these four steps and connect them to the needs of your department or unit.

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