The fully online facilitated Supervisory Development Course offers the opportunity to be part of a cohort of fellow supervisors for community learning. This course blends the latest industry research, best practices, and real-life scenarios that connect to your work.

Designed for current supervisors, the ideal learner is a supervisor who has been in the role for more than six months. Learners include administrative associates, departmental administrators, faculty leading labs, mid-level managers, and managers of student workers.


Online Asynchronous 


12 weeks
2-3 hours per week


Supervisory Development
Foundations Certificate


Application and 
Manager Approval


Learn and Connect

  • Independent learning: Activities include topic readings, quizzes, and short presentations
  • Community learning: Through online discussions, you will connect with your peers and reflect on how the topics relate to your work

Build Awareness and Measure Progress

  • Identify goals and clarify your approach to supervising
  • Supervisory skills assessment administered at the beginning of the program and again six months post course to identify strengths and areas for development

Plan the Next Steps

  • Reflect on what you have learned and what actions you’re going to take for future impact
  • Create a supervisory statement and action plan to grow your skills and become a more effective supervisor