This guided online orientation contains research-based supervisory practices with a context specific to the University of Minnesota’s policies, procedures, governance and priorities. Learn what it means to be a supervisor at the University of Minnesota and build awareness about details specific to you and your direct reports. 

This four-week program is designed for both those who are new to supervision or new to supervising at the University of Minnesota

New Supervisor Orientation Flyer




4 weeks
2 - 4 hours per week


New Supervisor
Orientation Certificate


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Learn and Connect

  • Independent learning: Activities include topic readings and videos and written reflection assignments
  • Applied learning: Through assignments, you will connect with your manger and others and reflect on how the topics relate to your work

Build Awareness and Measure Progress

Supervisory Readiness Assessment at the beginning of the program helps identify current gaps, and provide focus on how to bridge them.


Plan the Next Steps

Create a Learning Plan that outlines your next steps, including:

• Reflections on what you have learned

• Action(s) you’re going to take and what impact you hope to have