The Supervisory Development Foundations Certificate was developed exclusively for faculty and staff who oversee the work of others. These online, self-paced courses can be completed in no particular order and include: videos, quick-guide resources, quizzes, supplemental materials including webinars, articles, and other resources.

Designed for current supervisors. The ideal learner has been in the role for six months. Aspiring supervisors may take this course, however, current supervisors will benefit the most due to the reflective nature of assignments.

Once all courses are complete and participants have submitted final reflection assignments, they will be awarded the Supervisory Development Foundations certificate.




8 modules
2 hours per module


Supervisory Development
Foundations Certificate


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Enroll in Feedback and Coaching Course

Find out how to formulate effective feedback and plan a productive coaching discussion.

Managing and Evaluating Performance Module Tile

 Learn about the best practices in performance management, including goal setting, check ins, and performance evaluation.

Enroll in Managing Conflict Course

Build the skills necessary to determine the source of conflict and understand when and how to get involved.

Enroll in Leading Teams Course

Discover the purpose and functions of a team and how to improve a team’s performance, decision-making abilities, and conflict resolution.

Enroll in Employee Engagement Course

Understand what employee engagement is and the employee engagement cycle.

Enroll in Driving Results through Others Course

Identify and focus on your team's highest impact results by developing an achievement plan using influence, delegation, and resource analysis.

Enroll in Selection and Hiring Course

Learn best practices in the selection and hiring process including, careful analysis of the position needs, conducting effective interviews, and confidently making a final hiring decision.

Enroll in Onboarding New Employees Course

Learn how to create an onboarding plan built on elements that establish and foster long-term employee engagement.