Welcome to Supervisory Development!

abstract graphic depicting four people as supervisors in the front row

This is a flexible online leadership program exclusively for you - faculty and staff who oversee the work of others.


What makes this program different? 

  • Research-based content about what actually works when it comes to effectively developing your staff.
  • Tailored to the University, based on science and practice.

Learn on the job!

  • Expand your knowledge when it’s convenient for you.
  • Get tips, review videos, and practice the skills you’ve learned through online exercises at your own pace.


  • Next Supervisory Development Module and Webinar "Driving Results Through Others" is April 21, 2020; noon-1 pm. See the Webinars page for more information and to register.

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What’s out of scope?

  • Specific employee relations information (i.e. policies and procedures). Click the Partner Content tab to access those resources.

Coming Soon

Spring 2020 University of Minnesota Supervisory Development Course

This 10-week, fully online course blends the latest industry research, best practices, and real-life scenarios. The cohort is set to launch on March 18th.

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