Welcome to Supervisory Development!

abstract graphic depicting four people as supervisors in the front row

This is a flexible online leadership program exclusively for you - faculty and staff who oversee the work of others.


What makes this program different? 

  • Research-based content about what actually works when it comes to effectively developing your staff.
  • Tailored to the University, based on science and practice.

Learn on the job!

  • Expand your knowledge when it’s convenient for you.
  • Get tips, review videos, and practice the skills you’ve learned through online exercises at your own pace.


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What’s out of scope?

  • Specific employee relations information (i.e. policies and procedures). Click the Partner Content tab to access those resources.

Timely Resources

Due to COVID-19, the University is responding to unique challenges that require innovative solutions, including a flexible outlook toward remote work. Faculty and staff will be looking to you for your guidance and strong leadership during this time. In cases where your faculty and staff may need or be required to work remotely, you may find these best practices helpful. Read more in the recent issue of Leadership Insights Special Edition.