One of the thorniest challenges for any manager is dealing with conflicts in the workplace. When a member of your team or department is involved in a disagreement at work, your role as a supervisor is to provide feedback and coaching to help them develop and use effective conflict management skills. In many cases, you may not be directly involved, but it's important to provide support to help your staff manage the situation effectively.

In this webinar we'll take a closer look at conflict management by expanding on the information presented in previous webinars, including practical application and more about how to:

  • Assess conflict to determine its source.
  • Create self-awareness regarding your own approach to conflict and encourage similar self-awareness among others.
  • Build the skills needed to effectively manage conflict.

For a more active learning experience, download the MS Word ActionSheet for Managing Conflict in Action. The ActionSheet becomes your takeaway to help reinforce learning and something that you can reference for later.


Download ActionSheet

Or, listen to the podcast version of this webinar: