Special Edition: Take Care

Published June 5, 2020.

Dear University of Minnesota Supervisors,

In the aftermath of last week’s tragic events, we understand how difficult it is to be a leader at a time like this when you have to find a balance between managing your own emotions and being there for your team. We are all affected by these events differently, and there are no easy answers for how to deal with any of this. There is no perfect message. But this is not a reason to be silent.

As you work to support your team, here are some things to consider:

  • Find time to honor your own feelings. Model self-care practices and do your best to manage your own stress.
  • Create a time and space where people can talk, grieve, or just be together as a team.  Make an effort to check-in with your team members. Practice active listening and offer support. 
  • Offer and ask for help. Remember, this is not “business as usual.” Employees, especially Black, Indigenous, and employees of color, may be facing a multitude of stressors. Consider extending work deadlines and offering time for rest as needed, 
  • Think about small steps you can take to help heal and rebuild. Pass along opportunities, like those provided by the Office of Equity and Diversity or the Alumni Association and support requests to take part and time away.

Leadership and Talent Development will continue to incorporate the issues of bias and injustice in our materials, courses, programs, and consultations. We will continue to advocate for processes that promote opportunity and equity. 

We join the University, our community, and the nation in mourning George Floyd. We are thinking of you, and we hope you are safe.  

Be well,

LTD Team