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Providing feedback and development coaching are important parts of supervision, yet it can be difficult to achieve the result you intended every time. In fact, research shows that only one-third of performance feedback interventions actually lead to increased performance. However, learning what science and practice tell us about what actually works can help beat those odds. There are two webinar recordings on this topic:

  • Feedback and Coaching
  • Giving Feedback That Works

Feedback and Coaching Webinar (Recorded on February 28, 2017)

Supervisory Development: Feedback and Coaching Webinar

Or, listen to the podcast version of this webinar:

A Deeper Dive: Giving Feedback That Works (Recorded on February 6, 2018)

This presentation is a deeper dive into feedback and coaching and focuses on ideas for application. The content was built based on themes from participant evaluation feedback, comments, and questions and focuses on the challenges supervisors face in giving feedback and coaching for development.

Supervisory Development: Giving Feedback That Works Webinar

Or, listen to the podcast version of this webinar:

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