Webinar Recording

Recorded on November 15, 2017.

Onboarding is the process of transforming a new employee into a fully functioning member of your team. When done effectively, it is a powerful employee engagement strategy that helps cultivate long term relationships, promote and understanding of organizational culture and foster a sense of belonging.

This webinar will cover:

  • Creating a plan built on elements to establish and foster long-term employee engagement.
  • Immerse new employees into the culture of your organization and introduce them to key partners for success.
  • Set performance expectations and goals to help a new employee succeed in their role and achieve the desired results.

Use the following timestamps to jump to the particular section of the webinar recording:

  • 0:05 Welcome & Introductions 
  • 02:35 Onboarding New Employees Overview  | 15:04  Q&A Part 1
  • 16:06 Onboarding Plan and Elements | 25:13  Q&A Part 2
  • 28:50 Onboarding and Organizational Culture | 38:35  Q&A Part 3
  • 40:30 Onboarding and Engagement
  • 43:45 Onboarding Resources and Planning Worksheet
  • 44:25 Announcements and Final Q&A.


Onboarding New Employees Webinar

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