Performance Management in OHR

Kathy Brown

“The key to effective performance management is having ongoing discussions with your supervisor about your successes, areas where you may need some help and coaching, and progress on your goals. The important thing is to regularly talk with one another about your work. We are excited to launch this new approach that is based on the latest research in effective performance management.”
Kathy Brown, Vice President, Office of Human Resources

The new Performance Management process in OHR is based on Module 2: Managing and Evaluating Performance, right here in the Supervisory Development course. If you navigate to Module 2, you can explore videos, quick guides, practice scenarios, and other resources that outline our model for setting goals and having more frequent performance discussions. You can watch the webinar, read questions and answers from webinar participants, and explore best practices identified in trade and academic journals, too.

This page contains resources and tips that will guide both OHR supervisors and staff through the new performance management process.


January 16, 2019

Happy New Year! While it’s the start of the new calendar year, it’s also the halfway point in our fiscal year, which is a perfect time to take stock of where we are and make any needed course corrections on goals.  

Looking Back

Our December leadership focus was "Equity and Diversity," looking at the competency "Demonstrates an Open Mind." We were invited to explore our own values by considering where our preferences fall on the continuum of task and relationship. Have you taken some time to consider your preferences and discuss them with your supervisor? If you need to look at the graphic again, you can look at the December email.

Looking Ahead

For January, our leadership focus is building and sustaining high-performing teams and departments and retaining top talent, otherwise known as Engagement.

People often assume that this competency is only relevant to those who supervise others, but everyone can foster behaviors that help colleagues grow as professionals. Take a look at the behaviors that support this competency by role:

A table showing how the competency of Selecting and Developing Talent may vary depending on whether you are a Supervisor or Individual Contributor

Taking a look at these behaviors, which one do you find most challenging? Which one comes most easily to you? This month, take a few minutes to discuss these with your supervisor, who may be able to provide more feedback to help you identify behaviors that support selecting and developing talent. If you’re a supervisor, you may want to check out a short video on coaching and corresponding quick guide to coaching from the Supervisory Development content.

Remember to review the goals you set for the year—performance evaluation time is approaching fast. Do you need to discuss adjusting goals for the year? Now is the time to make any changes so that the next half of the year is focused and productive.


Templates and Downloads

OHR Performance Management - Fillable PDFs

Note: to fill out the form digitally you must:

  1. Download the PDF and open it with Adobe Acrobat or whichever PDF software you use.
  2. Right-click and 'Save As' to your desired location.
  3. From Acrobat, you can make or save changes to the form, and email/print it when you have completed it.

Manager/Supervisor Version (PDF)

Individual Contributor Version (PDF)