Planning for Results

Planning for results includes identifying the relevant steps, actions, and considerations to take to make sure the results are high quality and meaningful. A well thought through plan will provide you, your team, and key stakeholders more clarity and will give you an opportunity to revise the workflow to drive higher-impact results. 

1. Review the Quick Guide to Planning for Results

The Quick Guide to Planning for Results outlines the four steps you need to take to create a plan that drives high-impact results.

  • Identify action steps, key stakeholders, and resources
  • Establish realistic timelines
  • Identify risks and plan contingencies
  • Communicate expectations to everyone

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2. Learn about Influencing Others

Key influencing skillsBringing people along to support your idea is no easy task. It’s easy for a project to get stalled because a key stakeholder did not support and champion it. Even the best processes can fail to deliver results if people can impact decisions that drive your results. The Quick Guide to Influencing describes three steps that can help you influence more effectively.

  • Establish the goal
  • Assess your audience
  • Determine the key influencing skills and tactics to use

View the printable guide below for more details on influencing and the three steps.

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3. Learn about Delegating

The Five Steps of DelegationSupervisors need to delegate to build capacity and achieve results. Delegation provides you with an opportunity to develop your employees while freeing up your capacity to deal with higher-level tasks. The Quick Guide to Delegation outlines five steps for effective delegation to help improve overall results.

  • Identify the task/project
  • Identify the team members
  • Determine whether this is a good time to delegate
  • Provide clear communication
  • Follow up

View the printable guide below for more details on delegation and the five steps.

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4. Apply

This scenario will help you know how to decide who to influence, who and what to delegate, and what to do about risks.

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