Managing Execution

Managing execution is the application of your plan through conversations, feedback, coaching, and accountability. This is how you achieve the high-impact results you have identified and planned for.

1. Learn about establishing relevant metrics

As a supervisor, it's important to establish metrics or performance indicators in order to track the overall progress. Establishing metrics and indicators will allow you to know when you need to :

  • Step in and provide more guidance and direction
  • Celebrate and recognize outstanding progress
  • Adjust the deadlines or project’s scope 

Depending on the nature of your work, metrics may be quantitative (deadlines, milestones, key performance indicators, etc.) or qualitative (improved quality of work, behavior changes, etc.). Either way, you will need to establish a specific outcome or observable behavior to monitor. This behavior or outcome can also be defined as a “key accountability.”

2. Review the Quick Guide to Establishing a Culture of Accountability

Accountability is one of the most effective tools a supervisor has for making sure important work gets done. A strong culture of accountability lets you:

  • Achieve critical results in your team
  • Engage and motivate employees
  • Address poor performance

Steps of AccountabilityAccountability means that there is a consequence (positive or negative) if a person takes or does not take an action. It is also an iterative process where you go through the four main steps to achieve results:

  • Define. What behavior or outcome are you trying to influence? How can you connect it with the overall metrics you defined?
  • Communicate. How will you communicate your expectations?
  • Assess. How effective is the current level of consequences (positive or negative)?
  • Follow through. What adjustments are you willing to make?

Review the Quick Guide to Establishing a Culture of Accountability for more on the accountability ladder and best practices.

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3. Check what you've learned so far

Work through an interactive self-check quiz below to apply what you've learned about managing execution and accountability.

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