Planning New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding a new employee

 A well-thought out onboarding plan quickly engages a new employee in the work of the department, college, or unit and:

  • Shortens the time it takes a new employee to start performing successfully and contributing to their department, college, or unit;
  • Helps a new employee quickly learn how to use their skills, knowledge, and expertise in their role and how to effectively work with their colleagues;
  • Demonstrates that your department, college, or unit is well-run and values their employees by being prepared for them when they start;
  • Significantly reduces the chances that a newly hired employee will leave shortly after they start or be unable to perform their job.

Review the Quick Guide to Planning New Employee Onboarding

An effective onboarding plan goes beyond just a checklist and:

  • Focuses on moving employees through the onboarding process at a speed that allows them to be successful;
  • Involves the supervisor, the team, and the new employee in the process;
  • Is tailored based on the new employee's level of experience, their role, and their familiarity with the University;
  • Covers all of the key elements: communication, resources, compliance, culture, expectations and relationships.

View the printable guide below for more details.

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Apply: create an onboarding plan

Key elements of an onboarding plan: communication, resources, compliance, culture, expectations, and relationships

Use the template below to create a tailored onboarding plan that encompasses all of the key elements.

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