Employee Engagement Overview

Employee EngagementEmployee engagement is the extent to which individuals devote time, energy and effort at work. The highest levels of engagement result from facing meaningful challenges while also having the support, resources, and confidence needed to address those challenges. 

At the University of Minnesota, we think of employee engagement as a level of employee energy and motivation supported or hindered by the work environment.

What are some benefits of engaged employees? What are the three main stages of employee engagement? Review the video below to learn more.

1. Watch the introductory video

An Overview of Employee Engagement

2. Review the employee engagement quick guide

What are the ten conditions that are proven to improve employee engagement? Where do you start in this work? What are the key steps to success? Review the quick guide below for answers to these questions and more.

View Printable Guide

3. Learn about the employee engagement cycle

Employee Engagement is an ongoing process that has thee stages: Input, Discussion and Action. Review the steps below to learn more about each of these stages.

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