Employee Engagement Cycle: Discussion

Employee Engagement Cycle: DiscussionOnce you have gathered input, make sure to recognize and celebrate strengths first. This will allow your team to continue to be successful in areas that are creating engagement! The goal of discussion is to answer the following questions rather than problem-solve:

  •  Which issues are the most important to address, given our goals and priorities?
  • Which issues will get in our way if we don’t address them?
  • Which issues are not a high priority, even if they could use improvement?

The video below offers an example of conducting an effective follow-up discussion.

1. Watch the Video

2. Review the Employee Engagement Discussion Quick Guide

Elements of an effective discussionHow do you make sense of the input you have received? What are the main elements to consider when preparing for an effective discussion? How do you facilitate a discussion? Review the quick guide below to learn the answer to these questions and more.


View Printable Guide

3. Apply - Check what you have learned so far

Work through the quiz below to check your knowledge on the important steps and best practices for conducting an effective discussion.

Self-Check Quiz

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