Building a Team

Defining a clear purpose and clarifying the roles and responsibilities are key steps for building an effective team. 

1. Watch the Introductory Video

2. Review the Quick Guides

5 steps to leading teams: define a clear purpose, clarify roles, establish norms, establish clear decision-making processes, manage conflict

Define a Clear Purpose and Describe Success

  • How do effective teams agree on their goals?
  • What are the signs your team does not have a clear purpose?
  • How do you coach your team to improve?

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Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

  • What are the benefits of clear roles and responsibilities?
  • What are the signs that improvement is needed?
  • What are the steps you can take to prevent your team from becoming complacent?

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3. Apply - check what you have learned so far

Work through five different examples to see if you can determine the best course of action for building a team.

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