Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation includes measuring effectiveness in meeting expectations for achieving results as well as how those results are achieved (i.e., behaviors).

Effective performance evaluation does not happen only at the end of a year but through ongoing check-ins throughout the year. 

Formal evaluation is the final step in the performance management process and includes writing and delivering a performance evaluation. 

Performance Evaluation - the final step in effective performance management

1. Review the Quick Guide to Performance Evaluation

The Quick Guide to Performance Evaluations outlines the best practices that are proven to make the evaluation more effective:

  1. Make sure you know your department, college or unit local processes and guidelines.
  2. Get employee input on their results and impact.
  3. Get input from others (peers, key partners).
  4. Evaluate the results the employee achieved (Consider context, accomplishment and impact).
  5. Evaluate HOW* they achieved results.
  6. Write the performance review (rating and narrative).
  7. Discuss the review with the employee.

U of M Leadership Competencies*HOW results are achieved is often described by how well the person works with others; that's when the behavioral competencies come into play.

Don't have a behavioral competency model?

Go to to learn more about the competency model developed at the University of Minnesota to support talent development discussions.

View the printable guide below for more details on each step.

View Printable Guide

2. Check what you have learned so far

Need to practice? Work through the scenario below to see how you might go about evaluating Jonah's performance.

Evaluating Jonah scenario

Want to dig deeper?

The science behind Effective Performance Management - materials curated for you by our Leadership and Talent Development team.

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